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Remember me the rider with the bum knee.  Well, my local Harley shop was going to change that questionable bearing on the cam shaft (Evo engine) when they got slow.  I was figuring February at the latest maybe December at the earliest.  Well, they got slow and I took the bike down to them.  They changed the bearing, put in a new "medium" Andrews cam and new lifters along with replacing the crappie adjustable push rods I put in a long time ago.  Well, to get to the point they put your mufflers on for me, no extra charge.  Well, I guess when that sucker started up for the first time they couldn't believe the sound!  They called me right away they were so impressed.  As you would figure over the phone left a lot to be desired.

Got down there on Saturday and paid the bill and heard them fire it up in the shop and bring it around front.  Well, it was about 55 degrees out and sunny so there were a bunch of people there.  Wow, they did sound very "deep throat."  A different sound.  Not just of loud pipes but of sort of "deep down mean power"!  Very nice indeed.  Had a bunch of people walk over to check it out.  Funny one guy saw the stock mufflers and then commented on "what the heck kind of cam did you put in that thing?"  Of course I didn't tell him any different neither did the service guys.  Everyone one was really impressed with the sound.
My knee is still screwed up bad so I took her home and sort of took the long way home.  I was impressed.  It was money well spent with you.  If you need a reference let me know.
Dave Smailes
I just left you feedback on EBay, but I wanted to thank you in person as well. I got the mufflers yesterday, and put them on last night. Thanks very much for the fast shipping.
 Anyway, I put them on last night and went for a ride. They sound incredible and the bike runs noticeable better. The pipes sound amazing. It's like Bad Ass in Stereo. I've been riding Harley since I was 2 years old (46 yrs now) and I've never heard Bad Ass in Stereo before. Your workmanship was obviously done with much pride in your work, which I truly appreciate that, and I find missing so very often these days. 
Anyway, GREAT JOB!! I'll be sure to send anyone who asked about these awesome pipes your way. 
Thanks you again. I am extremely pleased. 
Tom Holderfield 
Dear B & E,

I just had to say thanks again for such a great product at a phenomenal price. These sound just as you described. I went to the HD shop today and they asked when I put on the Screamin' Eagles, I told them to take a closer look and they nearly fell out when they saw the stock pipes. Finally my Harley sounds like it should and my bank account has plenty left for more chrome.
Thanks again,
- sharkeydude
Hey Bob,
First I want to say thanks for the quick shipment. Second I want to say thanks for an awesome sounding muffler. When I bought my 04 Road King it came with a set of Harley race slip on's which sounded like crap in plain English. Way to loud and very tinny when you cracked the throttle. As soon as I started my Road King up with your pipes on I had this huge smile on my face. That was the sound I was looking for! I looked for a while at different pipes and I did my homework. Sound vs. price and performance etc. One of the problems is out here on Long Island is the cops are breaking our chops all the time about noise and modified exhaust systems. I don't like loud but at the same time I wanted people to know I am on a Harley after all I worked hard for this bike. Well you my friend nailed it on the head. Being an engineer I appreciate the effort that comes with the best bang for your buck and your pipes do just that. In closing I want to say feel free you use my letter on your web site and I will pass the word to my fellow riders that you are the man to see when it comes to modified slip-on's. Thanks again Bob, GREAT JOB...You are #1
Bob Schoepfer eBay Item (280153312482)
Bob, I got the mufflers on Friday, thanks. I put them on and went on a police escorted ride with 1500 riders and 50 police bikes. They were a big hit. Darien police will be calling you soon, I gave him your info yesterday. I think he wants the better pipes for  $150.00. Thanks again Scott Thompson Trumbull PD Connecticut.

Bob, Just got the 2.25 up slashes on my 04 FLHTPi..... They're Grrrrreat!
They have more of a deep sound at idle than the Cycle Shack slip-ons that I
had on it before, and at highway speeds, the noise level is butter smooth,
until you twist the grip. Then the bike comes alive.  I'm happier than a
baby in a topless bar.
Ray DeMaertelure
Jackson, MI

The TD conversion and muffs (2’s) was easy (1 ½ hours total!).  You’re very clever—your clear directions are great. Looks great, sounds great, and rides great! Thanks.  George Rey Levi Zuni


Bob, I am going to leave follow-up feedback for you. I LOVE the pipes! The more I ride the bike, the more I love the sound. I know your auction stated an increase in performance, but these pipes really woke up my set-up. I have a K&N RK-3909 A/C, Vance & Hines True Duals and just a simple TFI for FI control. Your mufflers were the missing piece I needed. Thanks again.


Just thought you would like to know, the wife and I Took a 1000 mile trip last week and the road king averaged 43 mpg and sounds great from idle to high way speeds.

David K.

Hi Robert, I don't have a question I just wanted to say thanks a lot now my bike sounds like it is suppose to, my buddy that has $800 Rienharts is pissed because my bike sounds better, there are a couple other buddies from near by that are going to be getting in touch with you also. Do I gat a rebate? LOL.
Thanks again, Mel.  
Bob, We finally got some riding time in and as promised I wanted to let you Know the mufflers are all you say & more. Sound is Great Performance is even Better. I am very happy & will recommend to all. Thanks again & feel free to use my email for reference's . Bill Sears

B & E, Your product rocks! Man the sound is just, man, I can't describe it. It's incredible. Thanks brother! Jimmy Addison

B & E, Love the pipes & the site. Great job! Ivan Facchio, Newark, NJ.

B & E, Yours are truly the best and original super flows there are. There is none better and no one can match your prices and quality. Thanks so much.---Bill Swanson Green Bay, WI. 

B & E, What can I say. Without a doubt yours are the best. None can compare. --- Bear Jackson Savannah, GA.



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