Installation Instructions


Congratulations on your purchase of a high quality B&E Performance part.  Installation of this kit takes 1-2 hours and should be performed by a qualified mechanic with proper tools.  Installation of this product alone does not require remapping or rejetting.  However, fine-tuning your combination of parts may result in additional performance gains.


STEP 1.  Remove all heat shields except front cylinder head pipe.


STEP 2.  Spray all nuts, bolts and slip connections with WD 40.  Let it soak in for 10 minutes to loosen the   connection.  This is mandatory for ease of removal.


STEP 3.  Remove both slip on mufflers and left side exhaust coming from rear cylinder using a socket on a long extension.


STEP 4.  Remove the hardware connecting the rear cylinder H Pipe at the head of the slip connection to the front cylinders head pipe.  Do not remove or loosen the front cylinders head pipe!  Using a block of wood, drive the H Pipe rearward removing it.  Now remove the C clip and flange.


STEP 5.  Using sand paper or a file, remove any burs from the end of the front cylinder head pipe.  Install the B&E straight pipe seating it fully.  Install the right muffler.  Invert the lower heat shields 180 deg.  Install with the flat ends together.


STEP 6.  Time to tune up the stock left side exhaust.  Using sand paper or a file as before, debur the inside of the slip connection.  Spray the inside with WD40.  Using the supplied mandrel and a hammer, drive the mandrel into the slip connection a little at a time while tapping down the high spots on the outside.  This will correct any out of roundness ensuring a fully seated, leak free connection to your new B&E head pipe.


STEP 7.  Make sure to clean the old exhaust gasket from the cylinder portal BEFORE replacing the rear cylinder gasket with the new one provided.


STEP 8. Replace the rear cylinder exhaust gasket with the bevel facing away from the cylinder.  Install the C clip and flange on the B&E head pipe BEFORE joining the left side exhaust pipe.  Loosely install with muffler using all the stock brackets and clamps.  Adjust as needed before final tightening of all hardware.  Reinstall the stock left side heat shields.


STEP 9. Curing the coating.  Run your engine at Idle for 2 minutes and let it cool to ambient.  Run the engine a second time for 5 to 7 minutes.  We do this so as not to shock the coating (It has been fully cured, but we want to make sure).





Factory H Pipe                                  Step 4



Step 5                                      Step 6



Step 7